The Best Gifts They Ever Received

Remember When People recall the most memorable gifts of their lives, from the pranks to the precious. By Sarah Gilbert Fox ... or maybe not so great. Style asked people to recall the most memorable or unusual gift they’ve given or gotten over the years. They range from the touching to the cringe-inducing. Barbara Dale, … Continue reading The Best Gifts They Ever Received


Sending Food Back

Return to Sender Baltimore-area restaurateurs dish up savory stories of sent-back food and wine. Hint: sometimes the customer isn’t right. By Sarah Gilbert Fox Illustration by Dominic Bugatto After taking a family member to dinner recently, and watching her not only send back all of her own food to the kitchen, but also that of … Continue reading Sending Food Back

Restaurant Regulars (for Baltimore Style magazine)

The Regulars It’s a symbiotic relationship: restaurants depend on their regulars for ongoing business, and regulars benefit from the extra attention. It’s a win-win for everyone. And it makes for some interesting tales. by Sarah Gilbert Fox Define a “regular.”  Some restaurateurs say it’s a customer who keeps coming back. Others say it’s the person … Continue reading Restaurant Regulars (for Baltimore Style magazine)